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Mira Staleva  • Head of Sofia Meetings

"We are a platform with the principal ambition to present new media and new distribution models in the rapidly changing world of cinema"

Mira Staleva • Head of Sofia Meetings

We spoke to Mira Staleva, the driving force behind Sofia Meetings, about the challenges of organising one...  

13/03/2019 | Sofia 2019 | Sofia Meetings

Judit Stalter • Laokoon Filmgroup

Producers on the move 2012 – Hungary

Judit Stalter • Laokoon Filmgroup

Propelled to centre stage of the Hungarian film industrythanks to Happy new life, Laokoon Filmgroup has...  


Bernie Stampfer - Deutsche Bank

Industry report

Bernie Stampfer - Deutsche Bank

The role of the banks in the near future in the audiovisual industry  

Zoran Stankovic  • Distributor

European Distributors: Up Next! 2009 - Serbia

Zoran Stankovic • Distributor


Darko Štante  • Director

“I'm very interested in the mentality of Slovenian society”

Darko Štante • Director

TORONTO 2018: Cineuropa spoke to Slovenian filmmaker Darko Štante, whose feature debut, Consequences,...  

18/09/2018 | Toronto 2018 | Discovery

Małgorzata Staroń • Producer, Staron-Film

"Poland gives many opportunities to cooperate with talented local and foreign directors"

Małgorzata Staroń • Producer, Staron-Film

Małgorzata Staroń, the head of the Warsaw-based production company Staron-Film, talks about her career...  

10/05/2019 | Producers on the Move 2019

Ben Stassen • Director of The Queen’s Corgi

“As soon as we announce another project in production, it’s as good as sold in 50 to 60 countries”

Ben Stassen • Director of The Queen’s Corgi

We met up with producer and director Ben Stassen, a pioneer of 3D who’s bringing out his 9th feature film,...  


Ben Stassen • Director & Producer

"Our market is the international market"

Ben Stassen • Director & Producer

Ben Stassen and his animation studio nWave, based in Brussels, are leaders in international 3D animated...  


Frank L. Stavik • Managing Director, Fidalgo Film Distribution

"The grave for small distributors"

Frank L. Stavik • Managing Director, Fidalgo Film Distribution

The managing director of Fidalgo Film Distribution explains how the digital reality has changed the...  


Gjorce Stavreski • Director


Gjorce Stavreski • Director

We met up with Macedonian director Gjorce Stavreski to discuss his first film Secret Ingredient, presented...  

28/11/2017 | Bergamo 2018

The European Documentary Industry

Tue Steen Müller, International consultant on Documentary

NOW is the Golden Age of Documentaries. This is my answer when I take part in workshops and festivals...  


Nicolas  Steil  • Director

“Choosing between the plague and cholera”

Nicolas Steil • Director

A tale of resistance and hiding during WWII in the mines of the Franco-Luxembourg border region. The...  


Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein  • Directors of Swoon

“You should never do what everyone else is doing”

Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein • Directors of Swoon

Cineuropa talked to Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein, the makers of Swoon, chosen as this year’s closing film...  

05/02/2019 | Göteborg 2019

Michael Stejskal • Distributor, Filmladen

European Distributors Up Next! 2010 - Austria

Michael Stejskal • Distributor, Filmladen


Marina Stepanska  • Director

“You should have respect for reality because it always overtakes you”

Marina Stepanska • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Debuting Ukrainian filmmaker Marina Stepanska talks to Cineuropa about her first...  


Rastislav Steranka • Director of National Cinematographic Centre, Slovak Film Institute

"Being here really gives you the opportunity to meet important key players"

Rastislav Steranka • Director of National Cinematographic Centre, Slovak Film Institute

BERLIN 2019: We met up with Rastislav Steranka, director of the National Cinematographic Centre at the...  

22/02/2019 | Berlin 2019 | EFM