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Nadav Lapid  • Director of Synonyms

"My overarching goal was to capture some sort of truth in relation to certain moments"

Nadav Lapid • Director of Synonyms

BERLIN 2019: We met up with the Israeli director Nadav Lapid to talk about Synonyms, in competition at the...  

15/02/2019 | Berlinale 2019 | Competition

Xavier Lardoux • Unifrance


Xavier Lardoux • Unifrance

For the tenth time, the CICAE training took place on the island of San Servolo, near the Lido, where the...  


Laurent Larivière  • Director

"How far are we willing to go to fit into society?"

Laurent Larivière • Director

We caught up with the director of I Am A Soldier, a debut feature film that was showcased in the Un...  


Arnaud & Jean-Marie Larrieu • Cannes 2005

Peindre et faire l’amour : Dark desires step into the light

Arnaud & Jean-Marie Larrieu • Cannes 2005


Arnaud & Jean-Marie Larrieu • Directors

"Moving on"

Arnaud & Jean-Marie Larrieu • Directors

Meeting with two film-making brothers deeply involved in the subtle exploration of human complexity  


Racha Helen Larsen  • Producer, Yellow Log

“Documentaries have never been as accessible, diverse and watched as today”

Racha Helen Larsen • Producer, Yellow Log

The Norwegian producer, selected for the 2021 Emerging Producers programme, discussed documentary...  

19/02/2021 | Emerging Producers 2021

Hervé Lasgouttes • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2012

Hervé Lasgouttes • Director

Hervé Lasgouttes’ feature debut Crawl has won the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European film in the Venice...  

Jakob, Tom Lass • Directors

"You need a good dramatic structure to rely on, and to be able to get inspiration in the moment"

Jakob, Tom Lass • Directors

German directors Jakob and Tom Lass talked to German Films about how they started in the film business and...  


Sára László  • Producer, Campfilm

"The focus is always on very personal, human stories"

Sára László • Producer, Campfilm

The producer for Hungarian company Campfilm talks about her career and the current state of the market on...  

14/05/2021 | Producers on the Move 2021

Mario LaTorre • Professor


Mario LaTorre • Professor

The International Conference on "Audiovisual market and regulation: an industry at crossroads" was held on...  


Fabian Maubach, Jochen Laube • Producers, Sommerhaus Filmproduktion

“We are not interested in producing films according to the book”

Fabian Maubach, Jochen Laube • Producers, Sommerhaus Filmproduktion

German Films talked to producers Jochen Laube and Fabian Maubach about their work through their outfit...  


Jochen Laube

Producers on the Move 2013 - Germany

Jochen Laube

After working as an independent producer on highly acclaimed arthouse films, Jochen Laube continues to...  


Jochen Laube • Producer, teamWorx

A free hand and great passion

Jochen Laube • Producer, teamWorx

German producer Jochen Laube is preparing a film set in Genoa in 2001, during the demonstrations at the G8...  


Felice Laudadio • Artistic Director, Bif&st

"We look for originality of thought"

Felice Laudadio • Artistic Director, Bif&st

We jumped at the chance to chat with Felice Laudadio, artistic director of the Bari International Film...  


Stefan Laudyn  • Director, Warsaw Film Festival

“We cater for a number of various tastes”

Stefan Laudyn • Director, Warsaw Film Festival

Warsaw Film Festival director Stefan Laudyn sat down with Cineuropa to discuss the festival's upcoming...  


Niels Laupert • Director

“It’s important for filmmakers to keep on changing the way they look at things”

Niels Laupert • Director

German Films interviews director Niels Laupert, who has recently unveiled his sophomore feature Whatever...  


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