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Tuva Novotny  • Director

"The core of the film is an account of our shortcomings in being able to address mental illness"

Tuva Novotny • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: One of Scandinavia's most enduring actresses, Tuva Novotny, branches out into...  

28/09/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | Competition

Antonio Nuić  • Director


Antonio Nuić • Director

We caught up with Sarajevo-born director Antonio Nuić, who is presenting his latest film, Mali, in...  

12/08/2018 | Sarajevo 2018 | Competition

Antonio Nuić  • Director

"A film needs an audience"

Antonio Nuić • Director

We sat down with Antonio Nuić to discuss his latest film, Life Is a Trumpet, which is set to be released...  


Tereza Nvotová  • Director

“Our film is an attempt to break the silence”

Tereza Nvotová • Director

Cineuropa sat down with emerging Slovakian filmmaker Tereza Nvotová on the occasion of the world premiere...  


Tereza Nvotová  • Director of The Nightsiren

“Even though women are no longer being burned at the stake, we are still demonised”

Tereza Nvotová • Director of The Nightsiren

Emerging Slovak director Tereza Nvotová discusses her new project The Nightsiren, the latest Eurimages...  

05/11/2018 | Rome 2018 | Market

Johannes Nyholm  • Director

"I always wanted to become a clown or a magician"

Johannes Nyholm • Director

A multi-award winner with his short films, Swedish director Johannes Nyholm has had a promising start to...  


Andy Nyman  • Director

“We had to take the play apart and put it back together again in a new way”

Andy Nyman • Director

Andy Nyman reveals how he and co-director Jeremy Dyson adapted their hit West End horror play Ghost...  


Rungano Nyoni  • Director

“I was interested in how difficult it is to break away from the rules”

Rungano Nyoni • Director

We spoke to Rungano Nyoni about her feature debut, I Am Not a Witch, which is unspooling at the London...  


Rebecca O’Brien • Producer

A labour of love

Rebecca O’Brien • Producer

Ken Loach’s long time production partner Rebecca O’Brien has built a wide network of European financial...  


Rebecca O’Flanagan • Treasure Entertainment

Producer On The Move 2011 – Ireland

Rebecca O’Flanagan • Treasure Entertainment

After stints at Film Makers Ireland and the Irish Film Board, Rebecca O’Flanagan formed Rubicon Films that...  


Tracy O’Riordan • Moonspun Films

Producer on the move 2012 – UK

Tracy O’Riordan • Moonspun Films

One of Tracy O’Riordan's biggest successes is Clio Barnard’s The Arbor for which she and Barnard won a...  


Mimoun Oaïssa • Actor

Shooting Star 2006 - The Netherlands

Mimoun Oaïssa • Actor


Mimoun Oaïssa •  Actor

"Everyone is first and foremost human"

Mimoun Oaïssa • Actor

A comical buffoon and respected actor reveals his most important asset: an uncanny intelligence  


Bianca Oana  • Producer

"A producer must be up-to-date with what is happening in the world"

Bianca Oana • Producer

We met up with Bianca Oana, Emerging Producer 2017 from Romania, to discuss his work with the production...  


Dorina Oarga  • Head of industry, Transilvania International Film Festival

“We are promoting the relaxed character of TIFF”

Dorina Oarga • Head of industry, Transilvania International Film Festival

Cineuropa sat down with Dorina Oarga, head of industry at the Transilvania International Film Festival, to...  


Birgit Oberkofler • Head, IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission

"We support young talent and promote locations with a tour"

Birgit Oberkofler • Head, IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission

Cineuropa met up with Birgit Oberkofler to take stock of IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige Film Fund &...