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Vitaly Mansky  • Director

"Putin in 1999 and what he is today are absolutely incomparable"

Vitaly Mansky • Director

We met up with Russian filmmaker Vitaly Mansky at the Odesa IFF to discuss his latest award-winning movie,...  

30/07/2018 | Odesa 2018

Vitaly Mansky  • Director

“We wanted to let the viewer see how people really behave”

Vitaly Mansky • Director

Cineuropa met up with Russian filmmaker Vitaly Mansky, whose documentary Under the Sun, co-produced by...  


Axel Petersén and Måns Månsson  • Directors

“We wanted to turn up the volume”

Axel Petersén and Måns Månsson • Directors

Cineuropa met up with Swedish directors Axel Petersén and Måns Månsson to discuss their film The Real Estate  

21/02/2018 | Berlin 2018 | Competition

Jean-Michel Cousteau, Jean-Jacques Mantello  • Directors

“We need to take care of the life support system that is the ocean”

Jean-Michel Cousteau, Jean-Jacques Mantello • Directors

Cineuropa caught up with Jean-Michel Cousteau and Jean-Jacques Mantello, the directors of Wonders of the...  


Robert Manthoulis

A director & his alter-ego

Robert Manthoulis

In Lilly's Story one Greek director makes a film about another Greek director making a film about the...  


Manuel Mozos and Maria João Sigalho • Director and Producer

Manuel Mozos and Maria João Sigalho • Director and Producer

“I explore love and the family. But making films in Portugal is still difficult”  


René Manzor

In the labyrinths of the mind

René Manzor

Ariadne, Theseus and then the Minotaur: in his thriller, Dédales, the French director investigates a young...  


Samuel Maoz  • Director

“The foxtrot is the dance of a man with his fate”

Samuel Maoz • Director

VENICE 2017: Cineuropa spoke to Israeli director Samuel Maoz about the origins and themes of his new...  

06/09/2017 | Venice 2017 | Competition

Pia Marais • Director

Ways to freedom

Pia Marais • Director

Director Pia Marais reflects upon her career so far.  


Nevio Marasović  • Director

“I had always wanted to do something in the Scandinavian style”

Nevio Marasović • Director

At the Zagreb Film Festival, Cineuropa met up with Croatian filmmaker Nevio Marasović to talk about Goran,...  


Nevio Marasovic & Rakan Rushaidat

Interview - Pula International Film Festival 2013

Nevio Marasovic & Rakan Rushaidat

Cineuropa met with Croatian director Nevio Marasovic and actor Rakan Rushaidat from Vis-à-vis that had its...  

Vincent Maraval • Exporter

Cannes according to Wild Bunch

Vincent Maraval • Exporter


Sophie Marceau

"I wanted to do my own thing"

Sophie Marceau

After 25 years as an actress, the French youg woman has decided to direct a film on her own. Speak to me...  


Laura Marcellino

An overview of the Screenings

Laura Marcellino

More than 2,000 professionals from around the world took part in the Venice market. We spoke to the person...  


Laura Marcellino, responsible for the Venice market

Interview - Venice Screenings

Laura Marcellino, responsible for the Venice market

An initiative set up during the 2002 Venice Film Festival edition with the aim of increasing the space for...  

Pietro Marcello ­• Director

"Cinema is no longer the seventh art; it ceased being so with the arrival of sound in films"

Pietro Marcello ­• Director

LOCARNO 2015: In Lost and Beautiful, entered in the competition at Locarno, Pietro Marcello shows the...