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Guillaume Senez • Director

"What happens if the balance is thrown out of kilter?"

Guillaume Senez • Director

CANNES 2018: We met up with Guillaume Senez, whose second feature, Our Struggles, toplined by Romain...  

13/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Critics’ Week

Guillaume Senez  ­• Director

“There is something very beautiful about adolescence… the spontaneity of it”

Guillaume Senez ­• Director

LOCARNO 2015: Cineuropa meets Franco-Belgian director Guillaume Senez, whose moving and gripping feature...  


Aditya Vikram Sengupta  • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2014

Aditya Vikram Sengupta • Director

VENICE 2014: Indian director Aditya Vikram Sengupta brings a moving story to Venice Days about a husband...  


Sören Senn • Director

Love triangle against the backdrop of immigration

Sören Senn • Director


Oleg Sentsov  • Director of Numbers

“When you are able to topple the old regime, that does not automatically mean you are able to build a better one”

Oleg Sentsov • Director of Numbers

BERLINALE 2020: Ukrainian helmer Oleg Sentsov, who made his new film, Numbers, while in prison, talked to...  

03/03/2020 | Berlinale 2020 | Berlinale Special

Edith Sepp • Head, Estonian Film Institute

"EFM is the kick-off of the cycle, and we can see the results in Cannes or in Tallinn's Black Nights Film Festival"

Edith Sepp • Head, Estonian Film Institute

BERLINALE 2020: Edith Sepp, head of the Estonian Film Institute, met up with us to give us the lowdown on...  

02/03/2020 | Berlinale 2020 | EFM

Florin Şerban  • Director

“I am a teenager who, in many respects, refuses to grow up”

Florin Şerban • Director

When one shoots in wild locations, one must be prepared, says Romanian director Florin Şerban, whose Love...  

22/08/2018 | Sarajevo 2018 | Competition

Hüseyin Tabak and Alina Serban • Director and actress of Gipsy Queen

"This is a film about motherhood in the first place, then about being Roma, and in the end about boxing"

Hüseyin Tabak and Alina Serban • Director and actress of Gipsy Queen

We have met up with Hüseyin Tabak and Alina Serban, director and actress of Gipsy Queen, a German-Austrian...  

27/11/2019 | Black Nights 2019 | Competition

Yulia Serdyukova • Producer, yutopia films

“The idea that documentary films can change the world is very dangerous”

Yulia Serdyukova • Producer, yutopia films

Interview with Yulia Serdyukova, producer for Ukrainian company yutopia films and selected for the 2020...  

20/02/2020 | Emerging Producers 2020

Paloma Sermon Daï • Director of Petit Samedi

"A story about filial and maternal love, a film about what it is to be a mother, what it is to be a son"

Paloma Sermon Daï • Director of Petit Samedi

We met with Belgian director Paloma Sermon Daï who is presenting her first feature film, the documentary...  

26/02/2020 | Berlinale 2020 | Forum

Anna Serner • CEO, Swedish Film Institute

"If we don’t see change I’m not afraid to give bigger budgets to only women for one year"

Anna Serner • CEO, Swedish Film Institute

Swedish Film Institute CEO Anna Serner talks to Cinema Femme about the institution's objectives related to...  

06/02/2020 | Sweden

Xavier Seron  • Director

"It is in our flaws that I find beauty"

Xavier Seron • Director

Cineuropa caught up with Belgian director Xavier Seron to talk about his debut feature, Death By Death  


Albert Serra  • Director

“I’d have liked to have done something a bit crazier”

Albert Serra • Director

Screening out of competition at Seville, Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra presents his latest film, Last...  


Albert Serra • Director

"One of the ideas was to show evil in a latent way"

Albert Serra • Director

Story of my Death by Spanish director Albert Serra has won Locarno's top prize, the Golden Leopard  


Koldo Serra • Director of 70 Big Ones

"I wanted to bring the 1970s thriller to Spain"

Koldo Serra • Director of 70 Big Ones

Koldo Serra releases 70 Big Ones in Spanish cinemas, a vibrant film about a bank robbery that was very...  


Léonor Serraille  • Director

"An open door to a great narrative freedom"

Léonor Serraille • Director

CANNES 2017: We sat down with French director Léonor Serraille, who has just unveiled her feature debut,...  


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