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Mateo Gil  • Director

“I was always tempted by the idea of making a comedy”

Mateo Gil • Director

After his forays into thriller, western and sci-fi territory, Spanish director Mateo Gil is boldly sinking...  

13/04/2018 | Málaga 2018

Yann Gilbert • Producer

A maieutic collaboration

Yann Gilbert • Producer

Yann Gilbert, the producer of Tout pour plaire, agreed to meet Cineuropa, in presence of the director, in...  


Jenny Gilbertsson • Producer

"Working on films for cinema and for TV at the same time"

Jenny Gilbertsson • Producer

The producer Jenny Gilbertsson explains the strategy of Swedish production company Yellow Bird...  


Marie Gillain - actress

Brussels European Film Festival 2010

Marie Gillain - actress

“Retrospective” interview with actress Marie Gillain at the Brussels European Film Festival 2010  

Terry Gilliam • Director

“A dream of the world can be more interesting”

Terry Gilliam • Director

CANNES 2018: Terry Gilliam chatted to us to discuss the controversy surrounding his long-awaited The Man...  

19/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Out of Competition

Terry Gilliam • Director

“A good way of looking at the future is to look at the past”

Terry Gilliam • Director

After the Venice premiere of his latest film, The Zero Theorem, Terry Gilliam gave a press conference,...  


Charles Gillibert  • Producer

“Ambitious films with international potential”

Charles Gillibert • Producer

Cineuropa met up with Charles Gillibert, who, together with CG Cinéma, produced Clouds of Sils Maria and Eden  


Charles  Gillibert • Producer

"Significant potential for development"

Charles Gillibert • Producer

We take a look at the story behind French/Belgian co-production Rumba with one of its producers from...  


Geoffrey Gilmore  • Tribeca Enterprises

Geoffrey Gilmore • Tribeca Enterprises


Alan Gilsenan  • Director

“The story behind the film opens one's eyes to the idea of restorative justice”

Alan Gilsenan • Director

We had a chat to Alan Gilsenan about his latest work, The Meeting, a fiction film based on the real-life...  


Marco Tullio Giordana • Director

‘My films question the Italians’

Marco Tullio Giordana • Director

The cold-ish critical reception of Giordana’s Once You’re Born... in Cannes was compensated by its great...  


Isabelle Giordano • Managing director, UniFrance

“We absolutely have to adapt to the way the market is evolving”

Isabelle Giordano • Managing director, UniFrance

We chatted to Isabelle Giordano, the managing director of UniFrance, in the run-up to the Rendez-Vous with...  


Claudio Giovannesi  • Director

"Juvenile detention centres are good for nothing"

Claudio Giovannesi • Director

CANNES 2016: Claudio Giovannesi’s teen love story Fiore was presented in the Directors’ Fortnight at the...  


Claudio Giovannesi • Director

A Pasolini-inspired Alì, in between feelings and integration

Claudio Giovannesi • Director

Claudio Giovannesi falls into fiction with Alì Blue Eyes, applauded by Rome’s International Film Festival...  


Claudio Giovannesi - Director

Video - Brussels Film Festival 2009

Claudio Giovannesi - Director

Italian director presented La Casa Sulle Nuvole, which won the Special Jury Prize  

Gipi  • Director

"Stories tell me how they want to be told"

Gipi • Director

VENICE 2018: Graphic novel author and director Gianni Alfonso Pacinotti, aka Gipi, is at Venice with his...  

01/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Sconfini