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Alice Winocour  • Director

"That feeling that the world is caving in"

Alice Winocour • Director

We met with highly promising French filmmaker Alice Winocour in Paris to talk to her about her second...  


Alice Winocour  • Director of Proxima

“You can be a good mother and a good astronaut”

Alice Winocour • Director of Proxima

On a rooftop overlooking the Toronto Film Festival, Cineuropa chatted to Alice Winocour about her new film...  

12/09/2019 | Toronto 2019 | Platform

Edoardo Winspeare

Miracle in Taranto

Edoardo Winspeare

An encounter in Venice with director Edoardo Winspeare whose latest film, Il Miracolo is a poetic and...  


Freida Pinto and Michael Winterbottom • Actress and director

BFI London Film Festival 2011

Freida Pinto and Michael Winterbottom • Actress and director

Indian actress Freida Pinto and British director Michael Winterbottom attended the UK premiere of Trishna  

Michael Winterbottom

“The future is now”

Michael Winterbottom

Memory, freedom and love in a society where there are even greater divisions between the rich and the...  


Michael Winterbottom • Director

"Sacha Baron Cohen won't be playing British Trump"

Michael Winterbottom • Director

A guest at Lecce European Film Festival, where he received a Golden Olive Tree career achievement award,...  

11/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

Michael Winterbottom - director of In this World (2002)

Interview - Berlin Film Festival 2003

Michael Winterbottom - director of In this World (2002)

British director won the Golden bear for his moving film In this World (2002)  

Carmel Winters  • Director


Carmel Winters • Director


Carmel Winters  • Director of Float Like a Butterfly

“Our idea of women needs to include our total capacity for action and leadership”

Carmel Winters • Director of Float Like a Butterfly

We met up with Carmel Winters as she opened the Cork Film Festival with Float Like a Butterfly, which won...  


Peter Wintonick • Director


Peter Wintonick • Director

14th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival: Director Peter Wintonick discusses the importance of...  

Frederick Wiseman • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2011

Frederick Wiseman • Director

Frederick Wiseman spent ten weeks exploring a Parisian cabaret known for the most chic nude dancing in the...  

Zoé Wittock • Director of Jumbo

"The difficult thing was maintaining the right balance between reality and fantasy"

Zoé Wittock • Director of Jumbo

Young Belgian director Zoé Wittock returns with her first feature film Jumbo, a fairy tale-teen movie...  

20/02/2020 | Berlinale 2020 | Generation

Hallvar Witzø  • Director

“It was important to me to make my next movie in a totally challenging way”

Hallvar Witzø • Director

CANNES 2014: Cineuropa met up with Hallvar Witzø, director of the Norwegian short film Yes We Love, which...  


Mariusz Wlodarski

Producers on the Move 2015 – Poland

Mariusz Wlodarski

In 2010, Mariusz Wlodarski founded Lava Films, which recently produced The Here After, which will be...  


David Wnendt • Director

"I will happily continue to tell female stories"

David Wnendt • Director

In Wetlands, German filmmaker David Wnendt adapts Charlotte Roche’s novel after triumphing with Combat Girls  


Peter Woditsch  • Director


Peter Woditsch • Director

In God's Hand is an investigation of the profoundly spiritual. An investigation without any dogmatic...