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Alain Guiraudie • Director

"A film about meeting the Other"

Alain Guiraudie • Director

CANNES 2016: Interview with Alain Guiraudie, who teased out some of the many threads of interpretation of...  


Alain Guiraudie • Director

“Nature can make us dream”

Alain Guiraudie • Director

Alain Guiraudie deciphers his audacious Stranger by the Lake, winner of the Best Director Award in Un...  


Natia Guliashvili • Producer

"A producer should be ready for unexpected shifts during the process"

Natia Guliashvili • Producer

We met up with Natia Guliashvili, Emerging Producer 2017 from Georgia, to discuss his work with production...  


Sean Gullette • Director

Venice Days 2013

Sean Gullette • Director

Sean Gullette set his first feature in Tangiers, Traitors is in its global premiere at the 70th edition of...  


Bastian Günther • Director of Once Again

“Film doesn’t stop at a national border”

Bastian Günther • Director of Once Again

German Films chatted to Westerwald-born director Bastian Günther, who’s in post-production with his fourth...  


David Gurgulia  • Director

“I basically daydream ideas for my short films”

David Gurgulia • Director

As David Gurglia prepared to unveil his short Dialect to audiences attending EFP's Future Frames at...  

06/07/2018 | Future Frames 2018

Erik Gustavson • Director

A Norwegian on “Ibsen in love”

Erik Gustavson • Director

The Scandinavian director is preparing a new film about the Italian sojourn of the great Norwegian...  


Erik Gustavson - director

Interview - Film in development

Erik Gustavson - director

The Scandinavian director is talking about the making of the film Playing Ibsen, about the Italian sojourn...  

Roman Gutek  • Distributor

Different faces of cinema

Roman Gutek • Distributor


Roman Gutek • Distributor

"Films come and go in a flash"

Roman Gutek • Distributor

Roman Gutek • Distributor "Films come and go in a flash"  


Pierre Guyard

Producers on the Move 2015 – France

Pierre Guyard

Following Love at First Fight come This Summer Feeling and Si tu voyais son coeur from the young producer...  


Adam Guziński  • Director

“It was a return to my childhood”

Adam Guziński • Director

Memories of Summer, the second feature by Polish director Adam Guziński, is world-premiering in the...  


Daniel Guzmán  • Director

"It's essential to have a sense of humour"

Daniel Guzmán • Director

Big winner of the 18th Málaga Spanish Film Festival Daniel Guzmán lifts the lid on the secrets of Nothing...  


Eszter Gyárfás

Producer on the Move 2014 – Hungary

Eszter Gyárfás

Encounter with Eszter Gyárfás, producer at Proton Cinema and Producer on the Move 2014 for the European...  


Matej Gyarfas, Vice Dean for International Relations at the VSMU


Matej Gyarfas, Vice Dean for International Relations at the VSMU

At the Fémis European Film School Network, Matej Gyarfas talked about the issues raised by the transition...  

Koen Mortier and Eurydice Gysel  • Producers

“It has become very difficult for young directors to find a job”

Koen Mortier and Eurydice Gysel • Producers

Cinergie speaks to Koen Mortier and Eurydice Gysel about their work as producers and their production...