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by Nicolai Rohde


10 seconds – a brief moment is enough to throw the lives of a number of people into turmoil. After an airplane disaster flight controller Markus is tormented by feelings of guilt: he feels responsible for the death of 83 people. His wife Franziska seeks refuge from the pressure in an affair. Harald, one of the first policemen on duty at the scene of the catastrophe, is plagued by memories of the accident. Erik has lost his wife and child in the crash – and can still not get over the pain when he meets fun-loving Daniela. While all of them are trying to get a grip on their lives, they fail to notice that they are already heading for the next calamity.

international title: 10 Seconds
original title: 10 Sekunden
country: Germany, France
sales agent: Beta Cinema
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Nicolai Rohde
screenplay: Sönke Lars Neuwöhner, Sven S. Poser, Nicolai Rohde
cast: Marie Bäumer, Sebastian Blomberg, Filip Peeters, Hannah Herzsprung, Wolfram Koch, Anna Loos
cinematography by: Hannes Hubach
film editing: Gergana Voigt
art director: Yesim Zolan
costumes designer: Almut Stier
music: Rainer Oleak
producer: Anne Leppin, Sigrid Hörner
production: Moneypenny Filmproduktion GmbH, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), ARTE France
backing: German Federal Film Board (FFA), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Mitteldeutsche Medienfoerderung, German Federal Film Fund (DFFF)
distributor: Alamode Film
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