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by Rudolf Thome


Marquard and Maria are painters and lovers who live together. After Marquard wins an important prize, with a considerable amount of money attached, his creativity wanes. As Maria works on series of paintings, Marquard visits his friend Gregor, a horse breeder and philosopher, sleeps with the angelic Angie and visits his daughter Lucia several times. Marquard and Lucia, who have begun a tender affair, spend a few nights in a hotel on the coast where they agree not to speak a word. Maria, who has no idea, knows all the same. Their love is over. She abruptly stops work on her series, starts on a new painting titled «The Visible and the Invisible», and goes back to her old lover, Gregor.

international title: The Visible and the Invisible
original title: Das Sichtbare und das Unsichtbare
country: Germany
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Rudolf Thome
film run: 118'
release date: DE 06/12/2007, ES 29/08/2008
screenplay: Rudolf Thome
cast: Hannelore Elsner, Guntram Brattia, Rufus Beck, Hansa Czypionka, Oliver Elias, Anna Kubin
cinematography by: Fred Kelemen
film editing: Dörte Völz Mammarella
art director: Susanna Cardelli
costumes designer: Katrin Berthold
music: Wolfgang Böhmer
producer: Rudolf Thome
production: Moana Film
distributor: StudioCanal Germany, Sherlock Films S.L.
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