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by Eric Gutierrez, Marco Villamizar


On the planet Music, families of instruments get angry when the Treble, Bass and Alto keys mysteriously go missing. Chaos breaks out, as each instrument plays on its own and no one wants to listen to the grand orchestra. Piccolo, a woodwind, becomes best friends with Saxo, a brass, and the two decide to search for the keys along with Do. A magnificent adventure ensues, full of traps and dangers on a trying search for harmony.

international title: Piccolo, Saxo & Cie
original title: Piccolo, Saxo & Cie
country: France, Romania
sales agent: Playtime, The Weinstein Company (USA)
year: 2006
genre: animation
directed by: Eric Gutierrez, Marco Villamizar
film run: 85'
release date: FR 20/12/2006, BE 14/02/2007
screenplay: Isabelle de Catalogne, Juliette Sales
cast: Jean-Baptiste Maunier, Eugène Christo-Foroux, Anaïs (voices)
film editing: Thibaud Caquot, Vincent Capra
art director: Eric Gutierez, Gaston Marcotti
costumes designer: Eric Gutierez, Gaston Marcotti
music: André Popp
producer: Roch Lener, Carole Scotta, Barbara Letellier, Camélia Nicolae
production: Millimages, Haut et Court, France 3 Cinéma, Canal + (FR), Studio Dacodac (RO)
backing: CNC
distributor: Haut et Court
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