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by Marco Filiberti


Two sailors, Palamède and Cador, work on their boat, the Dedalus, on a northern harbor. Then comes Parsifal, a carefree youth, who forces the two men to disembark. In the local brothel they meet Elsa and Senta, two prostitutes. The brothel's owner, Kundy, is a charming lady who fascinates both men and women, including the mysterious Felipe. She is the only one who seems to know Parsifal's past. Meanwile, Parsifal leaves the harbor and meets Amfortas in an unknown place populated by obscure spirits.

international title: Parsifal
original title: Parsifal
country: Italy
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Marco Filiberti
film run: 135'
release date: IT 16/09/2021
screenplay: Marco Filiberti
cast: Matteo Munari, Diletta Masetti, Giovanni De Giorgi, Luca Tanganelli, Elena Crucianelli, Zoe Zolferino, Marco Filiberti
cinematography by: Mauro Toscano
film editing: Valentina Girodo
art director: Livia Borgognoni
costumes designer: Daniele Gelsi
music: Paolo Marzocchi
producer: Stefano Sbarluzzi
production: Dedalus, Alba Produzioni
distributor: 30 Holding srl
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