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by Jean Jacques


Ly kidnaps his daughter Sou and disappears permanently abroad… Aurore, a radio film critic, is one of those Parisians who rub shoulders with the world of art and rock’n’roll. Looking for her child, she holds on to the last trace of her, a letter left by Ly to mark her heart forever… Would she have to deny these values of modern woman? In the footsteps of Medea, the story unfolds like a triptych and art world is a reflection of it. Years later, Sou will read the letter: the past will come back even though it should have been buried for ever…

original title: Encre de Chine
country: France
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Jean Jacques
film run: 131'
screenplay: Sabine Bail, Jean Jacques
cast: Sabine Bail, Nicolas Ullmann, Caroline Loeb, Liah, Maxou
cinematography by: Jean Jacques
film editing: Jean Jacques
production: Iconisma
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