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by Maciej Kalymon


Malmö's lonely shadow figures take us on a hypnotic journey into the fog, where intoxication is the main cure for darkness. In this hybrid between documentary and fever dream, we meet the cleaning lady who has worn out both her body and her dreams, the friends at the pub who are haggling over the next round and the man who, like a fallen hero, rambles along the streets of an empty town.

international title: Into the Fog
original title: In i dimman
country: Sweden
year: 2021
genre: docu-fiction
directed by: Maciej Kalymon
film run: 72'
screenplay: Maciej Kalymon
cast: Martzy Nilsson, Salle Ahlqvist, Anders Larsson, Britt-Louise Ek, Asko Päiviö, Nils Dernevik
cinematography by: Maciej Kalymon
film editing: Maciej Kalymon
producer: Maciej Kalymon
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