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by Klim Shipenko


Ilya Goryunov is 27, and has spent the last seven years in prison on a false charge of dealing drugs. Finally outside, he's driven by his desire for revenge against Petr, the rich kid who framed him and ruined his life. When the two come face to face, Ilya impulsively takes Petr's smartphone, giving him access to the man's life-pictures, videos, conversations with his parents and girlfriend and strange messages from colleagues full of unspoken words and threats. Ilya takes Petr's place. In the virtual world, at least.

international title: Text
original title: Tekst
country: Russia
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Klim Shipenko
film run: 132'
screenplay: Dmitriy Glukhovskiy
cast: Alexander Petrov, Kristina Asmus, Ivan Yankovskiy, Sofya Ozerova
cinematography by: Andrey Ivanov
film editing: Tim Pavelko
art director: Anna Kozlova
costumes designer: Viktoriya Efimova-Shestakovskaya
music: Ivan Burlyaev, Dmitriy Noskov, Nikolay Rostov
producer: Nana Iloyan, Klim Shipenko, Karina Sinenko, Mikhail Tkachenko
executive producer: Dmitriy Dorogavtsev
production: Central Partnership Productions (RU)
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