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by Denis Imbert


Stéphane decides to move to the beautiful Cantal mountains to reconnect with his eight-year-old daughter Victoria, who has been mute since her mother's death. During a walk in the forest, a shepherd gives Victoria a puppy named Mystery who will gradually give her a taste for life again. But very quickly, Stéphane discovers that the animal is in fact a wolf... Despite warnings and the danger of the situation, he cannot bring himself to separate his daughter from this seemingly harmless ball of fur.

international title: Vicky and Her Mistery
original title: Mystère
country: France
sales agent: Gaumont
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Denis Imbert
screenplay: Rémi Sappe, Denis Imbert, Mathieu Oullion, Stéphanie Vasseur
cinematography by: Fabrizio Fontemaggi
film editing: Vincent Zuffranieri
art director: Hérald Najar
costumes designer: Marie Credou
music: Armand Amar
producer: Clément Miserez, Matthieu Warter
executive producer: Clément Miserez, Matthieu Warter
production: Radar Films
distributor: Gaumont Distribution
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