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by Anna Cazenave Cambet


Esther just turned 18. No longer at school and detached from her family, sher makes booth ends meet doing small jobs in the South of France. One summer she falls for Jean, ready to do anything to please him. She decides to find him back in Paris and starts a journey in a big city where she knows no one. Receiving shelter from nuns in a convent, she discovers a different kind of devotion.

international title: Gold for Dogs
original title: De l'or pour les chiens
country: France
sales agent: WTFilms
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Anna Cazenave Cambet
film run: 99'
screenplay: Anna Cazenave Cambet
cast: Tallulah Cassavetti, Corentin Fila, Ana Neborac, Carole Franck, Romain Guillermic, Julie Depardieu
cinematography by: Kristy Baboul
film editing: Joris Laquittant
art director: Thomas Ducos, Mathilde Poncet
music: Koudlam
producer: Charles Gillibert
production: CG Cinéma, Partners In Crime
distributor: Rezo Films
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