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by Marc Isaacs


When the Filmmaker is told his next film must be about crime, sex or celebrity to get funded, he takes matters into his own hands and begins shooting in his home with a cast of characters connected to his own life. We first meet two English builders, employed to replace the garden fence, temporarily removing the barrier between the house and a Pakistani neighbour. This introduces the film’s central theme of hospitality which ultimately finds its expression when a homeless Slovakian man charms the Filmmaker’s Colombian cleaner to let him in and tests everyone's ideas of the expectations and boundaries between host and guests.

international title: The Filmmaker's House
original title: The Filmmaker's House
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: AndanaFilms
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Marc Isaacs
film run: 76'
screenplay: Adam Ganz, Marc Isaacs
film editing: David Charap, Marc Isaacs
music: Mathew Shaw, Richard Norris, Islet
producer: Mathew Shaw
executive producer: Mathew Shaw, Lawrence Elman, Nick Fraser, Rachel Wexler
associate producer: Hatty Bell, Erica Edwards
production: Lush
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