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by Irene Gutiérrez


Three soldiers moving through the Cuban jungle: combat exercises and camouflage techniques are practised, but the battle never arrives. The nature of their mission becomes an ever-greater mystery, echoing unanswered in the impassive natural surroundings.

international title: Between Dog and Wolf
original title: Entre perro y lobo
country: Spain, Cuba, Colombia
sales agent: Bendita Films Sales
year: 2020
genre: docu-fiction
directed by: Irene Gutiérrez
film run: 75'
screenplay: Irene Gutiérrez, Lisanda López Fabé
cast: Miguel Soto, Alberto Santana, Juan Bautista López
cinematography by: José Ángel Alayón
film editing: Cristóbal Fernández
costumes designer: Helena Girón
music: Cristóbal Fernández, Rafael de Jesús Ramírez, Oscar Moreno
producer: Viana González, José Ángel Alayón, Marina Alberti
co-producer: Carlos E. García, María Alejandra Mosquera
production: El Viaje Films, Autonauta Films (CU), Blond Indian Films (CO)
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