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by Marco Chiarini


Ram, a boy of three thousand years, descendant of the powerful dynasty of Pharaoh Ramses, is catapulted into the chaotic contemporary world. A teenager who had been educated to be revered and to govern finds himself treated as a freak. Berenice - a young girl who always feels out of place - finds herself involved in a distant and mysterious Egyptian prophecy: with her blood, she awakens a mummy in the Egyptian museum of Turin. Together, the two teenagers will live an exciting adventure, full of fantastic elements and references to the history of ancient Egypt.

original title: Berni e il giovane faraone
country: Italy
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Marco Chiarini
film run: 89'
release date: IT 20/07/2019
screenplay: Nicola Alvau, Lorenza Cingoli, Massimo Bacchini, Martina Forti
cast: Emily De Meyer, Jacopo Barzaghi, Gigio Alberti, Angelo Pisani, Alessandra Faiella, Anastasia Bruno, Lorenzo Dellapasqua, Rebecca Decò, Riccardo Forte, Pierluigi Madaro
cinematography by: Gianni Chiarini
film editing: Carlotta Cristiani
art director: Giorgio Barullo
costumes designer: Cristina Audisio
producer: Piero Crispino
production: 3ZERO2, The Walt Disney Company Italia
backing: Film Commission Torino Piemonte (IT)
distributor: Walt Disney Motion Pictures Italia
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