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by Karole Di Tommaso


The story of two women who love each other and of their desire to have a child together. Karole and Ali still don’t know that the enthusiasm of this first attempt will be followed by many vicissitudes, but when the desire becomes stronger than the pain and fatigue, miracles can happen.

original title: Mamma + Mamma
working title: La bambina sintetica
country: Italy
sales agent: Coccinelle Film Sales
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Karole Di Tommaso
film run: 81'
release date: IT 14/02/2019
screenplay: Karole Di Tommaso, Chiara Atalanta Ridolfi
cast: Linda Caridi, Maria Roveran, Andrea Tagliaferri, Silvia Gallerano, Stefano Sabelli, Anna Bellato, Sanjay Kansa Banik, Giulio Maroncelli, Alessandra Mola, Paola Mbia
cinematography by: Sara Purgatorio
film editing: Martina Caggianelli
art director: Isabella Angelini
costumes designer: Maria Rita Barbera
music: Giulia Anania, Marta Venturini
producer: Angelo Barbagallo, Matilde Barbagallo
production: BiBi Film, RAI Cinema
backing: MiBAC (IT), Regione Lazio (IT), Fondazione Apulia Film Commission (IT)
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