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by Davide Alfonsi, Denis Malagnino


Denis is a family man in debt, he is going to a date with a drug dealer. Along the way, he finds a female body on the road. He recognizes Patrizia, the girlfriend of Tiberio, a young friend of his. Blinded by range, Tiberio wants to find the responsibles for rhe rape, his suspicions are immediately about the Roma who live near where her girlfriend's body was found. Denis helps him in the search, trying to convince the guy to not seek personal justice.

original title: Il codice del babbuino
country: Italy
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Davide Alfonsi, Denis Malagnino
film run: 81'
release date: IT 17/05/2018
screenplay: Davide Alfonsi, Denis Malagnino
cast: Denis Malagnino, Tiberio Suma, Stefano Miconi Proietti, Marco Pocetta, Fabio Sperandio, Alessandra Ronzoni, Cristina Morar, Lionello Pocetta, Daniele Guerrini
cinematography by: Marco Pocetta
art director: Nicoletta Saporetti
costumes designer: Rita Vanelli
music: Dario Zaid
production: Collettivo Amanda Flor
distributor: Distribuzione Indipendente
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