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by Alfredo Fiorillo


After a mysterious accident, Francesco, a 40-year-old engineer, retires to a little town on the Lake Iseo. Along with his little daughter, he lives in his family’s ancient Villa, a magnificent Liberty-style building brushed by the water. There is also someone else living there, whose presence is only perceived through the echo of the life-support system keeping this mysterious person alive. However, there are even more disturbing and dangerous presences lurking around the Villa. What happened to this man and his family? What secrets is he hiding? Will Marta, a childhood friend of Francesco who has always been in love with him, be able to awaken him from his slumber and free him from pain? And, above all, will the people gravitating towards the house manage to escape this looming danger that threatens their lives? The answers are buried within the walls of the villa, a silent truth keeper.

international title: Breaths
original title: Respiri
country: Italy, Poland
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Alfredo Fiorillo
film run: 87'
release date: IT 7/06/2018
screenplay: Alfredo Fiorillo, Angela Prudenzi
cast: Alessio Boni, Pino Calabrese, Milena Vukotic, Lino Capolicchio, Valentina Cenni, Eva Grimaldi, Alessandro Gruttadauria, Lidiya Liberman, Eleonora Trevisani
cinematography by: Massimo Foletti
film editing: Emanuele Bosco, Andrea Santoro
art director: Mauro Radaelli
costumes designer: Sabrina Beretta
music: Teho Teardo
producer: Alfredo Fiorillo, Angela Prudenzi
co-producer: Alessandro Leone
executive producer: Pino Calabrese
production: L'Age d'or, Agresywna Banda
distributor: Europictures
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