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by Giovanni Mazzitelli


X, the feature character, slightly over 30, is an icon that represents all of us. He is one of the few people it Italy that has a chaotic job. All he thinks is integrated into a single question: "Is the truth really in the middle?" We are ask ourselves the same question that X asks every day, while we are surrounded by people who live extreme existences who seem happier than we are, but are locked up in social rules repressed by our most primal instincts. One of the many mid-winter nights that X is bound awake by his insomnia, he hears a prolonged scream of a woman on the street. It is Alessandra, a femme fatal, with Mediterranean features which make her even more fascinating. X thought it was a brief, short- lived encounter, but instead X finds himself waiting for the beautiful Alessandra in his house the next day for one more fleeting encounter. Alessandra doesn't stand him up, but perhaps something worse, asking him to meet her elsewhere, close to an address that X knows little about. It's outside the house of Marzi, a Jewish family in Portici, that the young woman will expose the nature of her intentions. Alessandra is in fact a skilled burglar who enters the homes of people illegally, not to steal, but instead obsessively searching for a treasure that she has been hunting for some time. X finds himself involved in Alessandra's mission, which marks a series of extraordinary and bizarre events over an eight month period. He is faced with tough encounters that defy the life he has now but proposes a new life worth living. X questions himself, is it correct to conquer the extremes or is it justifiable to stay in the middle?

original title: Era giovane e aveva gli occhi chiari
country: Italy
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Giovanni Mazzitelli
film run: 87'
release date: IT 29/03/2018
screenplay: Giovanni Mazzitelli
cast: Iole Casalini, Orazio Cerino, Federica De Benedittis, Fabio De Caro, Tonia De Micco, Mario di Fonzo, Tina Femiano, Alice Pagotto, Giacomo Rizzo, Carola Santopaolo
cinematography by: Antonio De Rosa
film editing: Gabriele Marino, Mario Vezza
music: Ciro Cino, Federico Luongo, Lorenzo Marino
producer: Antonio Acampora, Armando Ciotola
production: CinemaFiction
distributor: Evo Films
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