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by Basma Alsharif


This film is an homage to the Gaza Strip and to the possibility of hope beyond hopelessness. Ouroboros, the symbol of the snake eating its tail, is both end and beginning: death as regeneration. Taking the form of a love story, the film's central character is Diego Marcon, a man who embarks on a circular journey to shed his pain only to experience it, again and again. In the course of a single day, his travel fuses together Native American territories, the ancient Italian city of Matera, a castle in Brittany, and the ruins of the Gaza Strip into a single landscape.

international title: Ouroboros
original title: Ouroboros
country: France, Palestine, Belgium
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Basma Alsharif
film run: 77'
cinematography by: Ben Russell
film editing: Basma Alsharif
producer: Mohanad Yaqubi
co-producer: Émilie Dudognon, Eyal Sivan
production: IDA.IDA., Momento !, Idioms Films (PS)
backing: AFAC - The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (LB)
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