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by Andrés Goteira


The intimacy of a hotel room. The immensity of a desert. A desolate gas station. In these picturesque sets, hideous crimes occur... Dhogs is a very borderline and compelling mind distorter, marking the impressive debut of what is sure to become a major talent in the genre world.

international title: Dhogs
original title: Dhogs
country: Spain
sales agent: Stray Dogs
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Andrés Goteira
film run: 82'
screenplay: Andrés Goteira
cast: Antonio Durán 'Morris', Miguel de Lira, Carlos Blanco, Alejandro Carro, María Costas, Melania Cruz, Roi Gantas, Xosé López, Iván Marcos, Milo Taboada
cinematography by: Lucía C. Pan
film editing: Juan Galiñanes, Andrés Goteira
producer: Isma Rubio
production: Gaitafilmes, Pixel Films, La Panificadora Estudios
backing: Agadic, Diputación Provincial de Lugo, Galipizza, Cerveza Áncora, Concello de Meira, Concello de Viveiro, Concello de A Coruña, Concello de Oleiros, Diputación de Almería
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