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by László Csuja


Nine Month War tells the story of a mother and son living in the shadow of the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Twenty-four-year-old Jani lives in a small town in western Ukraine, and is part of the minority Hungarian community. An only child whose father died five years ago, Jani is fed up with the boring life in his hometown, and drowning in the love of his mother. When he is drafted by the Ukrainian Army, he could sneak out of the country to escape the military service just like his buddies did. Instead, he chooses to go to the war, 1,500 kilometres away. Combining visuals of cinema verité and mobile footage of war, Jani's fight for adulthood unfolds over the nine months of his military service and the time after his discharge.

international title: Nine Month War
original title: Kilenc hónap háború
country: Hungary, Qatar
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: László Csuja
film run: 73'
cinematography by: Zágon Nagy
producer: Agnes Horvath-Szabo, András Pires Muhi
production: ELF Pictures
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