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by Géraldine Doignon


Mathieu is a marine biologist. He spends his time on his microscope, cutting tiny marine organisms corpses. He’s unhappy. His true wish would have been being on the sea. But an event will abruptly change his life : Christine, his mother in law, runs away. Attracted by this impulsion, and curious to understand her, Mathieu starts looking for her. He’s going to find her in a house by the sea and will share the same desire of regaining control of his life.

original title: Un homme à la mer
country: Belgium, France
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Géraldine Doignon
film run: 90'
release date: BE 1/06/2016
screenplay: Géraldine Doignon
cast: Yoann Blanc, Jo Deseure, Christian Crahay, Bérengère Bodin, Jospéhine Stoll
cinematography by: Colin Lévêque
film editing: Julie Naas
costumes designer: Jackye Fauconnier
music: Philmarie
producer: Alexia de Beauvoir, Antoine Morand, Jean-Jacques Neira, Anthony Rey
production: Hélicotronc, Fontana, Kizmar Films
backing: CCA of the Wallonia-Brussels federation, CNC, RTBF, Poitou-Charentes region
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