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by Avi Mograbi


Avi Mograbi goes to meet African asylum-seekers in a camp in the middle of the Neguev desert where they are confined by the state of Israel. Together, they question the status of the refugees in Israel using ‘Theater of the Opressed’ techniques. Is their tragic story any different from the one of Mograbi’s grandmother who fled the Nazis? What leads men and women to leave everything behind and go towards the unknown? Why does Israel,land of the refugees, refuse to take into consideration the situation of the exiled, thrown onto the roads by war, misery and abuses? Could theater create a bridge between people? Can theater become a player in social change?

international title: Between Fences
original title: Bein gderot
country: Israel, France
sales agent: The Party Film Sales
year: 2016
genre: documentary
directed by: Avi Mograbi
film run: 84'
release date: FR 11/01/2017
screenplay: Avi Mograbi
producer: Serge Lalou, Camille Laemle
co-producer: Avi Mograbi
production: Les Films d'Ici, Avi Mograbi Productions (IL)
distributor: Météore Films
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