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by Pascale Breton


Françoise returns to Rennes to teach art history at the university, many years after studying there herself. Ion, who has appeared out of nowhere at the start of the new academic year to study geography, is in love with Lydie, a blind student. He claims, out of shame, that his mother Moon is dead. There’s also rock music, stronger than ever, with John who has never stopped playing it, and Françoise’s friends who have never stopped listening to it. Still further away, at the beginning, there is a stream that Françoise has made invisible in her memory, and which is waiting to be visited, like a painting in a museum.

original title: Suite armoricaine
country: France
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Pascale Breton
film run: 148'
release date: FR 9/03/2016
screenplay: Pascale Breton
cast: Valérie Dréville, Kaou Langoët, Elina Löwensohn, Manon Evenat, Laurent Sauvage, Yvon Raude
cinematography by: Tom Harari
film editing: Gilles Volta, Joseph Guinvarc’h, Camille Lotteau
art director: Pascal Le Déault
music: Éric Duchamp
producer: Mélanie Gerin, Paul Rozenberg
production: Zadig Productions / Zadig Films, Sylicone
backing: CNC, Bretagne region, Sofica Indéfilms, Université Rennes 2
distributor: Météore Films
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