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by Wang Chao


Father got leukaemia. Mother was laid off long ago. She had to borrow money for her husband everywhere. Sister went to a night club to be a waitress secretly and soon became a “call girl”. Lin was cold-shouldered at school because of father’s illness. He became disgusted of school. One day, at the riverside, he found a dilapidated ship and knew the strange “father and daughter”. Lin made friends with that girl and helped them to steal iron stone. Because of Lin’s frequent absences the teacher came to see mother. He was sympathy for her. One day, Lin discovered his teacher was at his home with mother together…Lin went to see father. He could not help emerging out such a fantasy: He pinched father’s transfusion tube…Lin came to the riverside once again, but that ship disappeared…

international title: Fantasia
original title: Fantasia
country: China, France
sales agent: Les Films du Losange
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Wang Chao
film run: 85'
cast: Ruijie Hu, Su Su, Xu Zhang, Renzi Jian, Ou Li, Lu Zhang, Xiaomo Wang
cinematography by: Yuqing Zhao
film editing: Wang Chao, Shang Huang
music: Mingzheng Chen
producer: Wang Chao, Jianmin LV, Olivier Aknin
production: Reboot Films
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