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by Johan Nijenhuis


Marla decides she wants to divorce her second husband Thom, just when her daughter Lisa and Bob are about to have their highly romantic wedding in her manor in Tuscany. And that’s about time, according to Lisa’s sister Sanne, who does not believe in marriage. However, she’s herself about to fall deeply for Jeroen – who, in his turn, never wants to be in a romantic relationship again...

international title: Tuscan Wedding
original title: Toscaanse bruiloft
country: Netherlands
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Johan Nijenhuis
release date: NL 23/01/2014, BE 30/01/2014
screenplay: Maarten Lebens, Anne-Louise Verboon, Tijs van Marle
cast: Matteo van der Grijn, Ruud Feltkamp, Jan Kooijman, Lieke van Lexmond, Dirk Zeelenberg, Diederik Ebbinge, Carolien Spoor, Simone Kleinsma
cinematography by: Maarten van Keller
film editing: Bas Icke
costumes designer: Martina Fehmer, Margriet Procee
music: Matthijs Kieboom, Martijn Schimmer
producer: Klaas de Jong, Bernard Tulp, Johan Nijenhuis
production: Farmhouse Tv & Film B.V., Johan Nijenhuis & Co BV
distributor: A-Film Distribution, A-Film België NV

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