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by Jonathan Newman


Based on G.P. Taylor's best-selling series of novels, this is the story of 15 year old Mariah Mundi whose world is torn apart when his parents suddenly disappear, leaving him to fend for himself and his brother Felix. When unknown assailants kidnap his younger sibling, he's left with no choice but to unite with the strange adventurer Captain Charity and take off in pursuit. The trail leads them away from the smog of Victorian London to the mysterious Prince Regent, a majestic hotel with a sinister underworld filled with villains, child-catching creatures and an extraordinary box that turns everything to gold.

international title: Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box
original title: Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box
country: United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium
sales agent: Six Sales Entertainment Group, S.L., Dreamcatchers
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Jonathan Newman
film run: 95'
release date: ES 17/01/2014
screenplay: Christian Taylor, Matthew Huffman
cast: Michael Sheen, Lena Headey, Sam Neill, Ioan Gruffudd, Aneurin Barnard, Keeley Hawes, Tristan Gemmill, Daniel Wilde, Mella Carron
cinematography by: Unax Mendía
film editing: David Gallart, Bernat Vilaplana
art director: James Lewis
music: Fernando Velázquez
producer: Peter Bevan, Ibón Cormenzana, Ignasi Estapé, Karl Richards
production: Entertainment Motion Pictures (E-MOTION), Arcadia Motion Pictures, Matador Pictures
backing: Le Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral de Belgique
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