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by Paul McGuigan


England 14th century. Plague and bandit attacks threaten remote communities and the forests that surround them add nameless terrors. The people labour under the yoke of two oppressive powers - the Church laying claim to their souls and the Knights, the feudal warlords, who command life after death.

original title: The Reckoning
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Renaissance Films
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Paul McGuigan
film run: 107'
screenplay: Mark Mills
cast: Willem Dafoe, Paul Bettany, Brian Cox, Vincent Cassel, Gina McKee
cinematography by: Peter Sova
film editing: Andrew Hulme
art director: Andrew McAlpine
costumes designer: Yvonne Blake
music: Magnus Fiennes
producer: Caroline Wood
production: Renaissance Films
distributor: Paramount Classics (US)
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