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by Alexandre Coffre


David has got everything you would dream about. In his forties, he is a married man and father of two beautiful children, lives in a nice suburb, and works as a lawyer in a renowned law firm. But that’s not how he would see things, really: his wife doesn’t acknowledge him, his children hardly talk to him, his job has become boring and his colleagues make fun of him. His whole life is just not the one he had dreamt of. So when one night he finds a suitcase filled with cocaine together with a phone ringing, he seizes the opportunity to live something else...

international title: Borderline
original title: Une pure affaire
country: France
sales agent: BAC Films
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Alexandre Coffre
film run: 88'
release date: FR 02/03/2011, BE 23/03/2011
screenplay: Alexandre Coffre
cast: François Damiens, Pascale Arbillot, Laurent Lafitte, Gilles Cohen, Didier Flamand, Nicolas Marié, Stéphane Lagoutte, Fabien Ara
cinematography by: Guillaume Deffontaines
film editing: Sophie Fourdrinoy
art director: Pascal Leguellec
costumes designer: Isabelle Pannetier
music: Éric Neveux
producer: Nicolas Duval, Bruno Chiche, Yann Zenou
production: Quad Films (Quad Cinéma/Yume/Splendido), TPS Star, Canal+
distributor: BAC Films, United International Pictures Belgium
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