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by Gabriel Aghion


Eddie and Pat were part of the 60s generation, burned their bras at Woodstock... Today they’re still against anything that, according to them, degrades women: cooking, living with a husband, raising children… Absolutely politically incorrect, the two fifty-year-olds continue to cope with life, raised champagne glass in hand. Love, sex, rock’n’roll, adventures, tumbling and fumbling everywhere and anywhere – anything to avoid dull old gravity. Eddie would like her daughter Safrane to also let loose and get carried away. But Safrane drinks mineral water, is still a virgin and is preparing for college... A drama for Eddie and Patsy!

country: France
sales agent: UGC International
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Gabriel Aghion
film run: 105'
release date: FR 29/08/2001, CH 01/09/2001, BE 05/09/2001, ES 01/05/2002
screenplay: Gabriel Aghion, Rémi Waterhouse, François-Olivier Rousseau
cast: Josiane Balasko, Nathalie Baye, Marie Gillain, Vincent Elbaz, Claude Gensac
cinematography by: François Catonné
film editing: Maryline Monthieux
art director: Olivier Radot
costumes designer: Olivier Bériot
producer: Pascal Houzelot
production: Mosca Films, TF1 Studio Production, StudioCanal, Josy Films, Sans Contrefaçon Production
distributor: BAC Films, JMH Distribution (CH), Les Films de l'Elysée (BE), Vertigo Films (ES)
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