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by Susanne Schneider


A family secret reaches back into that time known as the ‘German Autumn’, when the country faced the threat of left-wing terrorism in the form of the Red Army Faction, the RAF. Thirty years after she was born, Alice Rybka meets her mother for the very first time. Judith Mueller is living in a small winery in Alsace, with a new family and new identity. She put Alice up for adoption at the end of the 1970s after going underground following a bank robbery by the terrorist group of which she was already a member. Alice now wants her mother to face up to her past. But Judith has no regret for her actions.

international title: The Day Will Come
original title: Es kommt der Tag
country: Germany, France
sales agent: Les Films du Losange
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Susanne Schneider
film run: 104'
release date: DE 01/10/2009
screenplay: Susanne Schneider
cast: Katharina Schüttler, Iris Berben, Jacques Frantz, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Sophie-Charlotte Kaissling-Dopff
cinematography by: Jens Harant
film editing: Jens Klüber
art director: Olivier Meidinger
costumes designer: Gabriela Grimmelmann
music: Biber Gullatz, Andreas Schäfer
producer: Sabine Holtgreve, Thomas Tielsch, Hejo Emons, Philippe Avril
production: Wüste Film Ost, Filmtank, Unlimited, SWR, WDR, ARTE
backing: Filmstiftung NRW, MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg, Région Alsace, Communauté Urbain de Strasbourg
distributor: Zorro Film
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