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by Daniel Benmayor


Eight people are blindfolded in the back of a van. Actually, they are being taken on a weekend of Paintball, for which they signed up. The players don't know each other and will have to work as a team in order to win and snag the six flags distributed throughout the forest. After a first attack by an enemy team, one of the players dies. Someone is shooting at them with real bullets. deadly game.

original title: Paintball
country: Spain
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Daniel Benmayor
release date: ES 10/07/2009, PL 06/08/2010
screenplay: Mario Schoendorff
cast: Brendan Mackey, Robert Maskell, Patrick Regis, Jennifer Matter, Peter Vives, Claudia Bassols, Anna Casas, Iaione Pérez
cinematography by: Juanmi Azpiroz
film editing: Marc Soria
art director: Balter Gallart
costumes designer: Anna Aguilà
music: Xavier Capellas, Maikmaier
producer: Julio Fernández
production: Filmax, Castelao Producciones
distributor: Filmax, Kino Świat
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