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Special report - The Documentary Market

Industry Report: Documentary

Thomas Wartmann, director/producer Filmquadrat.dok (DE)

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The German producer talks about his latest production and his future projects

Thomas Wartmann is a director and producer based in Munich, who has recently finished producing the four part series called Under the Spell of the Horses, a three language versions project supported by 10 European partners and MEDIA.
As he says, the idea of the series came during a previous production on nomads; the aim of these series is to tell stories on culture, and in this case horses seemed an interesting subject to further develop.
With effort and time he managed to obtain support from SWR and ARTE, and finally also MEDIA.
After the success of his project the producer is already involved in the production of two more series, one based on the fight for the Amazon in Brazil, and the other based on a journey to discover the islands surrounding Africa.

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The interview was conducted during the 1st Discovery Campus Open Training Session "Seriously on Series" in Munich on 7th and 8th of March 2009. To see other interviews go on the Reelisor web page

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