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Alfonso Rivera

995 articles available in total starting from 16/11/2007. Last article published on 29/05/2020.

Snow White

Snow White

Pablo Berger has made a transgressive version of the classic fairy tale set in a dark and cruel Spain, with a spirit of ode to black-and-white silent cinema.  

24/09/2012 | Films | Reviews

Paco León • Director/actor

Interview: Paco León • Director/actor

"People want to see films: We have to make it easy for them."

Paco León is releasing Carmina o revienta, his first film for which he was also producer and screenwriter, in cinemas, on internet, and on DVD all on the same day  


The Sex of the Angels

The Sex of the Angels

In his fourth film, Xavier Villaverde does away with the orthodox limits to relationships, and widens his cinematic scope by depicting a young trio open about their sexuality.  

27/04/2012 | Films | Reviews

Xavier Villaverde • Director

Interview: Xavier Villaverde • Director

“A country that looks down on its culture has a serious self-esteem problem”

After almost a decade of not filming fiction, the 53-year-old Galician director is back with his most youthful film, a risky bet in Spanish cinema's current gloomy climate.  


Nacho  Vigalondo • Director

Interview: Nacho Vigalondo • Director

“I would rather that my films generate discussion over mere praise”

The director of Timecrimes is back with Extraterrestrial, a romantic comedy with a UFO hovering in the background. A low-budget film with a great sense of humour.  


Rodrigo Cortés • Director

Interview: Rodrigo Cortés • Director

Red Lights is designed as if it were a great magic trick"

Suspense, illusionism, and a stellar cast in Rodrigo Cortés' new film Red Lights  


As Luck Would Have It

As Luck Would Have It

The director of The Last Circus applies his offbeat humour to the tragedy of an ordinary man, afflicted by the crisis and victim of harassment from the scavenging media.  

02/02/2012 | Films | Reviews

Icíar Bollaín • Director

Interview: Icíar Bollaín • Director

"It’s very complicated talking about a culture you don’t know well"

From Bolivia to Nepal: after Even the Rain, Bollaín recounts the journey of a teacher in Kathmandu: A Mirror in the Sky  


Gerardo Herrero • Director

Interview: Gerardo Herrero • Director

"If I hadn’t also produced it, this film would probably not have been made"

One of the leading producers of Spanish cinema has for years combined producing with directing, and now presents his fifteenth film, Frozen Silence: a war thriller shot in Lithuania.  


Frozen Silence

Frozen Silence

Gerardo Herrero has adapted a thriller novel centred on the División Azul, that army of volunteers sent by Franco to fight on the Russian front during World War II.  

11/01/2012 | Films | Reviews

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