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Alfonso Rivera

1001 articles available in total starting from 16/11/2007. Last article published on 05/06/2020.

Àlex and David Pastor • Directors

Interview: Àlex and David Pastor • Directors

"We have more artistic freedom in Spain than in the United States"

The Pastor brothers made their debut with Carriers, shot in the United States. They are now back in Spain with another apocalyptic title: The Last Days 


Isabel Coixet • Director

Interview: Isabel Coixet • Director

"I like cinema as an adventure and as a form of apprenticeship"

The woman behind The Secret Life of Words (four Goya awards in 2006), Elegy and Map of the Sounds of Tokyo is presenting Yesterday Never Ends, her most bitter, critical and audacious film yet in...  


Yesterday Never Ends

Yesterday Never Ends

In every single way: socially and personally. Two standalone characters find themselves in this situation in a brave, audacious and very painful film on the terrible moment we are going through.  

05/02/2013 | Films | Reviews

Andrés Muschietti • Director

Interview: Andrés Muschietti • Director

“Guillermo del Toro seeks talents to produce”

Mamá, directed by Andrés Muschietti and supported by Guillermo del Toro  


Jorge Dorado • Director

Interview: Jorge Dorado • Director

"Novice directors like me need to be given a chance”

Jorge Dorado takes his first steps into the world of features with Mindscape, an ambitious co-production filmed in English and aimed at a wide audience  


Jorge Torregrossa • Director

Interview: Jorge Torregrossa • Director

"It's possible to make a film that is both good and entertaining"

After years of directing shorts and television series, Jorge Torregrossa has made his feature debut with The End, a film showing apocalypse from an intimate and existential point of view.  


Pablo Llorca • Director

Interview: Pablo Llorca • Director

“Tengo experiencia para lidiar con la crisis”

El madrileño Pablo Llorca presentó Recoletos arriba y abajo en la competición oficial del 9° festival de cine europeo de Sevilla  


The End

The End

The End sets itself in the trend of suspenseful disaster cinema intended as an epic metaphor of the crisis of man today, as he battles with his most intimate and existential self.  

16/11/2012 | Films | Reviews

Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font • Director

Interview: Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font • Director

"La relación entre actor y director puede ser algo sadomasoquista"

Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font presentó en la sección "Las nuevas olas" del festival de cine europeo de Sevilla Otel.lo con la característica emoción del debutante  


León Siminiani • Director

Interview: León Siminiani • Director

“Abordo mi realidad como si fuera un relato”

Mapa, dirigida por el santanderino León Siminiani, ganó el premio al mejor documental en el 9° festival de cine europeo de Sevilla  


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