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Fabien Lemercier

7980 articles available in total starting from 02/07/2002. Last article published on 16/04/2021.

Bac distribution splits up

The Bac Majestic story continues. StudioCanal has decided to divorce from Bac Distribution with whom, for the last two years, they managed the GIE company. The assets will be equally divided...  

27/09/2002 | Distribution | France

2003 Budget: no cuts to cinema

Jean-Jacques Aillagon, the French Minister for Culture and Communications, presented his budget for 2003 yesterday, introducing a 4.3 per cent cut in overall spending. The film and audiovisual...  

27/09/2002 | Funding | France

Crimson Rivers flow again

Following the international success of The Crimson Rivers, Luc Besson has written the screenplay and Olivier Dahan will direct the sequel  

26/09/2002 | Films | France

Vivendi sells Tele+ to Murdoch

Vivendi sells Tele+ to Murdoch

French media giant Vivendi Universal decides to implement its assets disposal programme right away and confirmed it will resolve liquidity problems by raising Euros 12 billion over the next 18 months  

25/09/2002 | Audiovisual | France

Scandals and Strass

Scandals and Strass

Vincent Lannoo's latest film, an ironic docudrama about dubious acting schools is finally released in Belgium  

25/09/2002 | Films | Belgium

Bac Majestic on verge of bankruptcy

Bac Majestic a punto de bancarrota  

25/09/2002 | Distribution | France

The movie industry negociates with cable and satellite

French film industry professionals announced they were about to begin a series of negotiations with TV channels, TPS and CineCinemas on the issue of film production funding. As of 1 January 2003,...  

24/09/2002 | Funding | France

Vivendi Universal – the moment of truth

Vivendi Universal – the moment of truth

The board of VU, French cinema's main source of funding, to meet and approve a wide-ranging re-organisation and sales programme to reduce debt and stay buoyant  

24/09/2002 | Audiovisual | France

Spanish audiences love Gallic movies

The number of French films being released in Spain continues to grow. The San Sebastian International Film Festival, the traditional gateway to the Iberian market, has seen its international...  

23/09/2002 | Films | France

From a woman’s point of view

From a woman’s point of view

Presided over by actress, Macha Meril, the Bordeaux event showcases 110 films and is a welcome opportunity for operators in this new market to meet  

23/09/2002 | Festivals | France

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