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Fabien Lemercier

7984 articles available in total starting from 02/07/2002. Last article published on 21/04/2021.

British films light up Dinard

The 13th edition of the Dinard English Film Festival begins today, 3 October. For four days, the French coastal resort will welcome some 16,000 visitors. This year’s main theme is comedy, with 6...  

03/10/2002 | Festivals | France

Changes to Critics Week management

The French Society of Directors - SRF has nominated a new Delegate General to Critics’ Week, the prestigious sidebar event to the Cannes Film Festival. François Da Silva was chosen over fourteen...  

03/10/2002 | Festivals | France

Peace reigns at CST

Peace has returned to the French Superior Tecnical Commission for Sound and Pictures, an important umbrella association for France’s audiovisual and multimedia sector with around 800 members....  

02/10/2002 | Institutions | France

Annecy, Italy's film capital

The 20th Italian Film Festival of Annecy opens today, 2 October. Presided over by veteran Italian director, Ettore Scola, the festival will run until 8 October and screen the very best of this...  

02/10/2002 | Festivals | France

Cinema beyond Paris

Multiscreens contribute to reducing difference between urban centres and suburbs but the jewel remains Paris  

01/10/2002 | Screens | France

VU is reluctant owner of UGC circuit

It would appear that despite its intentions to the contrary, Vivendi Universal now owns 55.3 per cent of French film distribution group, UGC a market leader in Europe. BNP Paribas is said to be...  

01/10/2002 | Exhibitors | France

3. An uncertain future

Appointed to the leadership of a group now in total disarray on 3 July, Jean-René Fourtou, the former Managing Director of Aventis, inherits an extremely delicate situation. The banks concede an...  


2. Free Falling

Vivendi Universal’s strength lies in the multitude of its companies it owns; it employs 381,000 people in over 100 countries, 80,000 of whom work in the multimedia and communications sectors....  


1. A Frenchman conquers of Hollywood

The instalments that make up the Vivendi Universal saga are closely linked to the story of its founder Jean-Marie Messier. In 1996, at the age of 40, this upper-level civil servant is put in...  


Vivendi Universal, grandeur and decadence

Vivendi Universal, grandeur and decadence

September 2000, Wall Street gives a warm New York welcome to a new world media and communications colossus, France’s Vivendi Universal, come to challenge the Americans on their home ground. June...  


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