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Fabien Lemercier

7633 articles available in total starting from 02/07/2002. Last article published on 29/05/2020.

Vivendi Universal – the moment of truth

Vivendi Universal – the moment of truth

The board of VU, French cinema's main source of funding, to meet and approve a wide-ranging re-organisation and sales programme to reduce debt and stay buoyant  

24/09/2002 | Audiovisual | France

Spanish audiences love Gallic movies

The number of French films being released in Spain continues to grow. The San Sebastian International Film Festival, the traditional gateway to the Iberian market, has seen its international...  

23/09/2002 | Films | France

From a woman’s point of view

From a woman’s point of view

Presided over by actress, Macha Meril, the Bordeaux event showcases 110 films and is a welcome opportunity for operators in this new market to meet  

23/09/2002 | Festivals | France

La Petite Reine Rules OK!

"La Petite Reine" continues its ascent. Coming attractions include Fantomas and the life story of mobster Mesrine  

20/09/2002 | Production | France

The EuroPalaces kingdom

The French exhibitors’ conference was the perfect opportunity for a discussion about this sector of the film industry. The advent earlier this year of film programming colossus, EuroPalaces, has...  

19/09/2002 | Market | France

The archive is safe

Canal+ reassures the film industry about the fate of StudioCanal's film archive. It will not be sold off  

19/09/2002 | Production | France

North-Africa’s answer to Cannes

The second edition of FIFM – the International Film Festival of Marrakesh - is scheduled to open today, 18 September, and will run until 22 September. A galaxy of French stars that includes...  

18/09/2002 | Festivals | Morocco

Autumn with Blanche

Despite the recent fall in French film attendance, Bernie Bonvoisin’s new swashbuckling historical adventure, Blanche, has all the ingredients to attract audiences in their masses. A scheming...  

18/09/2002 | Films | France

Screenings Etc.

Exhibitors gather in Nice to see the latest films and discuss a number of important issues like the challenge of the multiplexes  

17/09/2002 | Exhibitors | France

Paris becomes one gigantic cinema

The Paris Film Festival is going ahead as planned in late March 2003 despite the fact that the municipal authorities have cut funding. The event is organised by film director Frédéric Mitterand...  

17/09/2002 | Festivals | France

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