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Vladan Petković

1321 articles available in total starting from 06/03/2008. Last article published on 16/04/2021.

Goran Rusinovic • Director

Interview: Goran Rusinovic • Director

Buick Riviera


Winter Silence speaks volumes

Dutch film Winter Silence by the Bahaman-born director Sonja Wyss is an experimental feature as fresh as its white, mountainous setting. Released in only the Netherlands so far, it also screened...  

10/06/2009 | Films | Netherlands

Beaches of Agnes win Split Med Fest

Beaches of Agnes win Split Med Fest

The 2nd Split Festival of Mediterranean Film in Croatia (May 25-30) ended with Agnes Varda's autobiographical documentary The Beaches of Agnes picking up the Best Film prize. The jury – which...  

02/06/2009 | Festivals | Croatia

The Happiest Girl hits local screens

Romanian director Radu Jude’s debut feature, The Happiest Girl in the World, opens domestically on May 15 after the last Friday night’s official premiere, which was a big success. A bittersweet...  

14/05/2009 | Releases | Romania

Ankica Juric Tilic

Interview: Ankica Juric Tilic

2009 Producers on the Move – Croatia

Ankica Juric Tilic 2009 Producers on the Move – Croatia  


2008 results return to normal after 2006 peak

2008 results return to normal after 2006 peak

The first non-EU member country of MEDIA Programme, Croatia follows the box office pattern of most Eastern European countries: US films account for 80% of the market and European films 16.5%....  

10/04/2009 | Industry | Croatia

Admissions and production up, box office decreases

Slovenia's box office in 2008 saw a slight rise in admissions, but also a slight decline in revenues compared to 2007. The main reason for this is 2007's highest grosser: local director Marko...  

10/04/2009 | Industry | Slovenia

MEDIA 2007 supports Motovun and Animafest

As the first non-EU member country of MEDIA 2007, Croatia sees the first substantial benefit from its membership, which began in September 2008. Two if its most prominent festivals, the Motovun...  

27/03/2009 | Funding | Croatia

Restart Label goes theatrical with docs

Zagreb-based documentary and video association Restart has established the distribution arm Restart Label to distribute documentaries theatrically, and later to DVD and TV. Run by well-known...  

10/03/2009 | Distribution | Croatia

Docs in Zagreb

Docs in Zagreb

The fifth edition of the biggest documentary film festival in South-Eastern Europe, ZagrebDox, kicks off today and runs through Mar 1. Approximately 50 documentaries from around the world will be...  

23/02/2009 | Festivals | Croatia

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