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Simon Kingsley

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16 articles available in total starting from 30/05/2007. Last article published on 27/08/2020.

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Philipp Kadelbach  • Director of We Children From Bahnhof Zoo

Interview: Philipp Kadelbach • Director of We Children From Bahnhof Zoo

“I want to see what my team offers - if it’s better than my idea, we leave it”

German director Philipp Kadelbach talked to German Films after having finished his Amazon series We Children From Bahnhof Zoo  

27/08/2020 | /Germany

Christian Alvart • Director of Dogs of Berlin

Interview: Christian Alvart • Director of Dogs of Berlin

“The film has to have a voice“

Coming off the successful Netflix series Dogs of Berlin, Christian Alvart talks to German Films about his past, current and future projects  


Carolina Hellsgård • Director of Ever After

Interview: Carolina Hellsgård • Director of Ever After

“A horror movie is a great tool to confront the characters with their own lives”

German Films interviewed Carolina Hellsgård, whose latest film, the apocalyptic zombie horror and female relationship drama Ever After, took Toronto by storm  


Ziska Riemann • Director

Interview: Ziska Riemann • Director

“I think people who were comic book artists become really good directors”

German Films interviews director Ziska Riemann (Lollipop Monster), who is in post-production with her new film Electric Girl  


Jakob, Tom Lass • Directors

Interview: Jakob, Tom Lass • Directors

"You need a good dramatic structure to rely on, and to be able to get inspiration in the moment"

German directors Jakob and Tom Lass talked to German Films about how they started in the film business and their working methods  


Jan Zabeil • Director

Interview: Jan Zabeil • Director

"Nature plays the fourth role"

German Films interviews German director Jan Zabeil, who broke through with The River Used to Be a Man, and is now working on his second feature, Three Peaks  


Ansgar Niehbuhr • Director

Interview: Ansgar Niehbuhr • Director

"When I started there were few possibilities to learn animation"

Animation genre has been the passion of Ansgar Niehbuhr since he was a kid. He talked about that and about his new project Conni in an interview with German Films  


Mike Marzuk  • Director

Interview: Mike Marzuk • Director

The franchise man

A portrait of German director Mike Marzuk, best known for the children's film series The Famous Five, of which he just finished the fourth film  


Baran bo Odar • Director

Interview: Baran bo Odar • Director

A Hollywood head on German shoulders

The very discreet Swiss director established in Berlin, Baran bo Odar, tells us about his latest film, Who am I – No System is Safe, released last September in Germany  


Anna Justice  • Director

Interview: Anna Justice • Director

And Justice for all

German filmmaker Anna Justice (Remembrance) talks about her career in filmmaking and the making of her latest film  


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