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Héctor Llanos Martínez

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40 articles available in total starting from 17/06/2013. Last article published on 27/03/2018.

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Review: Last Year in Utopia

Review: Last Year in Utopia

The documentary by German directors Jana Magdalena Keuchel and Katharina Knust uses experimental theatre to reveal the story behind an ambitious yet failing reality TV show  

27/03/2018 | CPH:DOX 2018

Marcus Lindeen  • Director

Interview: Marcus Lindeen • Director

“This experiment showed us that peace and harmony are possible in society”

We chatted to Swedish director Marcus Lindeen after his The Raft won the DOX:Award, the top prize at the CPH:DOX Documentary Film Festival in Copenhagen  

26/03/2018 | CPH:DOX 2018

Erlend Eirik Mo  • Director

Interview: Erlend Eirik Mo • Director

"The problem of climate change is a global issue, and no one’s doing anything to solve it"

We chatted to Norwegian filmmaker Erlend Eirik Mo, whose Norwegian-Danish documentary project received the Eurimages Co-production Development Award on Thursday at CPH:FORUM  

23/03/2018 | CPH:DOX 2018

Karim Aïnouz  • Director

Interview: Karim Aïnouz • Director

"I wanted to remind viewers that these refugees don't come to Europe because they feel like it"

Cineuropa met up with Brazil's Karim Aïnouz, whose new film, Central Airport THF, is currently on the programme of CPH: DOX festival in Copenhagen  

23/03/2018 | CPH:DOX 2018

Olivier Assayas  • Director

Interview: Olivier Assayas • Director

"Women are usually the protagonists of my films because deep down I’m a bit of a feminist"

We spoke to French director Olivier Assayas, who was awarded at Cannes for his film Personal Shopper and has just received the career award at the Zurich Film Festival  


Vincent Macaigne  ­• Actor, director

Interview: Vincent Macaigne ­• Actor, director

“I wanted to revive the anger that Molière portrayed in his original text”

LOCARNO 2015: Actor Vincent Macaigne talks to us about his first feature film as a director, Dom Juan, a post-modern version of Molière’s work  


Pietro Marcello ­• Director

Interview: Pietro Marcello ­• Director

"Cinema is no longer the seventh art; it ceased being so with the arrival of sound in films"

LOCARNO 2015: In Lost and Beautiful, entered in the competition at Locarno, Pietro Marcello shows the other side of ever-successful Italian cinema  


José Luis Guerín  ­• Director

Interview: José Luis Guerín ­• Director

"Shooting with the limited resources available to me was something of a political gesture"

LOCARNO 2015: The great voice of auteur cinema in Spain, Jose Luis Guerin, has debuted his latest project The Academy of Muses at the Locarno Film Festival  


Alex van Warmerdam  • Director

Interview: Alex van Warmerdam • Director

“I wanted to create a simple exercise in style”

LOCARNO 2015: Cineuropa speaks with Alex van Warmerdam about his new work Schneider vs. Bax, screening at Locarno Film Festival  


Alan Rickman  • Director

Interview: Alan Rickman • Director

Alan Rickman talks about A Little Chaos
Italian release June 4

Alan Rickman’s second film as director A Little Chaos has been screened at festivals the world over and is now being shown at various European markets  


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