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Berlin 2018

Review: The Seen and the Unseen

Review: The Seen and the Unseen

BERLIN 2018: Indonesian director Kamila Andini presents a fantastic tale about the metaphysical connection between a little girl and her terminally-ill twin brother  

22/02 | Berlin 2018 | Generation

Review: My Brother's Name is Robert and He is an Idiot

Review: My Brother's Name is Robert and He is an Idiot

BERLIN 2018: As long, irritating and meaningless as its title, the film screened by Philip Gröning in competition lost its audience before even being able to finish traumatising them with its ending  

22/02 | Berlin 2018 | Competition

Erik Poppe  • Director

Interview: Erik Poppe • Director

“I was sceptical about whether it would be possible to transform this story into a film”

BERLIN 2018: Erik Poppe discusses his emotive, harrowing U – July 22, screened in competition at Berlin  

22/02 | Berlin 2018 | Competition

Review: Becoming Astrid

Review: Becoming Astrid

BERLIN 2018: Pernille Fischer Christensen dedicates a totally adorable and lively film to an important moment in the life of Astrid Lindgren, the creator of Pippi Longstocking  

22/02 | Berlin 2018 | Berlinale Special Gala

Claire Simon  • Director

Interview: Claire Simon • Director

“It’s normal that you think your parents are a failure”

BERLIN 2018: Claire Simon discusses her hybrid doc Young Solitude, in which ten teenage students help her tell stories about their experiences  

22/02 | Berlin 2018 | Forum

Christian Petzold  • Director

Interview: Christian Petzold • Director

“If we want to move on, first we have to remember”

BERLIN 2018: We talked to German director Christian Petzold about his new feature, Transit, starring Franz Rogowski and Paula Beer, and shown in the Main Competition  

22/02 | Berlin 2018 | Competition

Emily Atef • Director

Interview: Emily Atef • Director


BERLIN 2018: We met up with German director Emily Atef, who discusses her last film, 3 Days in Quiberon, premiered in competition for the Golden Bear  

22/02 | Berlin 2018 | Competition

Review: Genesis

Review: Genesis

BERLIN 2018: Árpád Bogdán's new feature is a bold and striking film that immerses the viewer but struggles with the clarity of certain parts of its narrative  

21/02 | Berlin 2018 | Panorama

Benoît Jacquot • Director

Interview: Benoît Jacquot • Director

"I wanted to create a game of mirrors"

BERLIN 2018: Following the screening of Eva in competition at Berlin, Cineuropa met up with Benoît Jacquot, who talked to us about games of mirrors and reversing terms and inevitability  

21/02 | Berlin 2018 | Competition

CineRegio members backed 39 films at Berlinale

CineRegio members backed 39 films at Berlinale

BERLIN 2018: On the occasion of the festival, the network of regional film funds highlights commitment to kids and green film production  

21/02 | Berlin 2018 | Funding

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