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Co-Production Memorandum of Understanding signed between Belgium and Canada


- Belgium has just signed a film and audiovisual co-production memorandum of understanding with Canada during a state visit

Co-Production Memorandum of Understanding signed between Belgium and Canada
(l-r): Belgium's minister-presidents Olivier Paasch (German-speaking community), Geert Bourgeois (Flanders) and Rudi Demotte (French community) and Canadian Minister of International Trade François-Philippe Champagne

On Monday, 12 March, Canada and Belgium signed a film and audiovisual co-production memorandum of understanding. Although a co-production agreement was signed in the 1980s, this new memorandum of understanding allows for the use of new production formats and broadcast media, such as television series and web programs. This memorandum of understanding will unify the three language communities in Belgium (French, Dutch and German).

Although there are already many co-productions already in existence (such as Kokoro [+see also:
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by Vanja d’Alcantara, Tokyo Fiancée [+see also:
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by Stephan Liberski, Diego Star [+see also:
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by Frédéric Pelletier and Troisièmes Noces by David Lambert), this new agreement should facilitate the development of new large-scale projects. 

Belgium already has bilateral co-production agreements in place with China, Israel, Switzerland, Morocco and Tunisia, and this agreement with Canada will be the 10th bilateral co-production agreement involving the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, following Chile in 2017, the Netherlands in 2016 and China in 2012. Specific bilateral agreements have been signed with priority countries in this area, including France and Switzerland, while co-production agreements are also ongoing with Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Lebanon or Ukraine.

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation has also made agreements with most European countries via the European Co-production Convention (Treaty 147 of the Council of Europe) and has also signed the new international co-production convention in 2017, open to non-European states.

(Translated from French)

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