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Netherlands Film Production Incentive: 15 new projects for the second round of 2017


- The supported project Rotterdam, I Love You gathers directors Mike Figgis, Martin Koolhoven, Atom Egoyan, Claire Denis and Pablo Trapero, among others

Netherlands Film Production Incentive: 15 new projects for the second round of 2017

15 new film projects have been granted €3.5 million in the second round of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive of 2017. Contributions were awarded to one documentary and 14 feature films, 10 of which are international co-productions involving Dutch talent and to be directed by both local and international directors.

The only supported documentary is Letters From Mangaung by Femke van Velzen, an IFProductions work which was granted €73,300.

The list of supported feature-length fiction projects is headed up by Rotterdam, I Love You, a film gathering together directors Shariff Nasr, Mike Figgis, Martin Koolhoven, Atom Egoyan, Koen Mortier, Paula van der Oest, Claire Denis, Joost van Ginkel, Pablo Trapero, Barry Atsma and John Maybury in a cinematic ode to Rotterdam. Co-produced by Dutch outfits Submarine Film and Middle Name Productions along with CZAR België (Belgium), the film follows the same line as previously released titles New York, I Love You and Paris, je t’aime, turning the Dutch city into the new subject of the worldwide Cities of Love series. Rotterdam, I Love was granted €1,000,000.

Other awarded feature titles include Dennis BotsVals (Goldman Film - €448,898), Guido van Driel’s Bloody Marie (Family Affair Films - €403,388), Sacha Polak’s Jade (Viking Film - €311,853), David Verbeek’s Dead & Beautiful (Lemming Film - €309,850), Jamel Aattache’s Zwaar Verliefd (Lion Film Productions - €272,657), Thomas Acda’s Oh Baby (2CFilm - €218,404), Ena Sendijarevic’s Take Me Somewhere Nice (Pupkin Film - €188,111), Belgian duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah’s Gangsta [+see also:
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read the news - Column Film Nederland - €88,478), Ireland’s Neasa Hardiman’s Sea Fever (Dutch sound design and sound post-production - €70,000), Belgian director Bas Devos’ title Ascension Day (Dutch production design, costume design, hair & make-up - €58,115), Greek director Syllas Tzoumerkas’s The Miracle Of The Sargasso Sea (read the news - production design, sound design, re-recording mixer, visual effects supervisor, post-production (sound), post-production manager -  €4,.000), Italian director Paolo Sassanelli’s La Vita Ti Arriva Addosso (co-produced by Smarthouse Films with a partially Dutch cast - €41,917) and Polish director Adrian Panek’s Wilkolak (sound design, re-recording mixer, composer, post-production - €36,261).

This incentive is one of the Netherlands Film Fund's schemes, and is based on a cash-rebate system, offering an incentive of 30% of the eligible production cost. The amount of this second round is expected to generate over €16.7 million in production expenditure in the Netherlands.

There are 2 more rounds for the Film Production Incentive scheduled for this year: 29 August and 31 October.

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